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Willa Marianna

Kościuszki 84, 57-550 Lądek-Zdrój

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Beautiful villa located on the fringe of polish oldest health resort
offering apartments with fully equipped kitchen and en suite bathroom.

An one hundred years old villa,recently renovated, which used to be a wine
factory located on 5000 sq meters plot, at the banks of Biala Ladecka
river offers 8 comfortable apartments, every with en suite bathroom and
kitchen. Volleyball field, barbecue area as well as bonfire place allows
for a real relaxation in healthy climate. For our Guest we offer pool
billiard table ski and bicycle storage, big free parking.

http://http://********.***.** Our
guesthouse is located at the end of Kosciuszki Street. In Ladek follow the
signs showing the directions to city center (Centrum), than to Uzdrowisko
(white signs with blue letters). In Uzdrowisko follow the main streer
which is Kosciuszki Street, after one km on the right you will see our

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Lądek-Zdrój w przewodniku

XXI Festiwal Górski w Lądku-Zdroju

XXI Festiwal Górski w Lądku-Zdroju

Weekend 22 – 25 września to ważna data w kalendarzu wszystkich miłośników gór. Rusza wtedy kolejna, już 21. edycja Festiwalu Górskiego w Lądku-Zdroju.

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